Download an image viewer program
If you have one of the image CDs from this site, you should consider using a viewer. There are numerous products available on the web to view, catalog, modify, etc. digital images. Viewers do not replace programs such as Adobe Photoshop in which you can create elaborate digital files. A viewer program allows you to see dozens (or hundreds) of files in small thumbnail images, pick ones to print, copy, or view full size. You may already have an image viewer on your computer.
Below is a download link for a free but robust viewer called FastStone Image Viewer. It is a "freeware" program meaning the creator allows you to use it completely free of charge.
I have run it on several Windows machines and it works well. You will be able to open up your image CD in a windows explorer type atmosphere, look at all the pictures as thumbnails, and even view them in a slide show. There are many other features you may use.  
Download the program by clicking the link (remember where you saved the file). Double click the file to install the viewer and then follow the directions it gives you. Feel free to email me with any questions.
(2.5 Mb, file name: FSViewerSetup.exe)
       Screen shot of the viewer: